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Plaster Hand Making Kit

Plaster Hand Making Kit

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Create memories that last a lifetime. 5-Minute Crafts Plaster Hand Making Kit is a creative way to freeze time and cast an inventive hand sculpture. You can make special gestures and lock that memory in time with this easy to use, simple mold making and plaster casting arts & crafts kit. Children 6 years-old and older will love creating plaster sculptures of their hands. Make the hand-heart gesture, the peace sign, thumbs up, or everything’s okay. Spread fingers and create a personal ring holder exactly sized for that hand. This innovative hand making kit encourages kids to flaunt their artistic expression. It’s fun, entertaining, educational, and very creative!
  • Fun, creative, artistic, and educational. 5-Minute Crafts Plaster Hand Making Kit challenges a boy or girl’s imagination. They can conceive of special gestures, meaningful poses, or even functional positions to sculpt their hand or hands in. It opens the floodgates for unlimited artistic expression. They will also learn the molding and casting process, and take personal pride in the sculptures they create.
  • Freeze memories in time forever. Recreates every detail, line, and fingerprint. The amazing molding powder makes an imprint of the finest details. When the sculpture is cast and finished, the result is a very detailed replica preserved for years to come. Your  child may grow up, but the sculpture will always bring back vivid memories of that special moment in time.
  • Create sculptures from the practical to the inventive. Cast any combination of hands and fingers. Make the hand-heart, the peace sign, thumbs up, or everything’s okay. They  can even create functional sculptures. Spread fingers and create a handy ring holder exactly sized for that child’s hand. 
  • Super easy, simple DIY process. This is truly a hands-on arts and crafts project. First make the mold from the molding powder. Then submerge a hand or hands to make the impression. After three minutes, remove hands, and pour in the casting stone mix. In about an hour, remove the mold, and the plaster sculpture is formed for all time. 
  • Finishing tools included. They may want to make some finishing touches to the sculpture and that’s easy. This kit includes 2 sandpapers, 2 detailing sticks, a plastic sculpting knife, a pair of gloves, 2 demolding sticks, and an instruction booklet so they have all they need to make their artwork perfect.
  • Make personalized gifts for friends & family. There are no limits to what a child can create. They can sculpt a special gesture for grandma and grandpa, a keepsake for mom and dad, or a meaningful memento for a very close friend. 
  • Perfect for birthdays and holiday gift giving. 5-Minute Crafts Plaster Hand Making Kit makes a great gift for any child over 6 years old. This unique and entertaining gift will always be appreciated. It will help children develop their artistic skills, enhance their creativity, and boost their self-confidence. They will have so much fun, they’ll forget that they’re actually learning.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews

    Don’t buy hardens way to fast before you can even get your hands in the mold was a waste of money. We mixed the mold and went to wet our hands not even five seconds later the mold was hard as a brick was very disappointing and big waste of money

    Janely Doe
    Kit Cured Too Fast

    Didn’t even finish mixing before it cured. Very upset as this was over $25, and was for baby and family!

    Kit got solid too fast

    When I went to do the hand molding kit with my daughter, while mixing like instructed on the instructions and the video, it solidified before even done being mixed now I’m out of a hand molding and $30. We were really looking forward to this.

    John Benedict

    None of the product to cover your whole hand barely makes it to your wrist


    Xmas gift. Not sure how it worked