Emson, The Soul Publishing & Walmart Debuts 5-Minute Crafts DIY Kits!
Nov 07

Emson, The Soul Publishing & Walmart Debuts 5-Minute Crafts DIY Kits!

As the holiday season approaches, we at E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson) are excited to unveil our newest endeavor – a line of innovative DIY craft kits developed in partnership with The Soul Publishing's famed 5-Minute Crafts brand. Shoppers across the United States and Canada can find these kits on Walmart.com, with in-store availability at Walmart locations to follow.

Our collaboration with The Soul Publishing, creators of the world's most-followed DIY brand, is a milestone that aligns with our dedication to bringing creative and inventive products into the marketplace. These kits are not just about crafting; they're about creating experiences and memories. With over 850 million followers on social media, 5-Minute Crafts has captured the imagination of DIY enthusiasts globally, and together, we are extending that magic into homes with our diverse range of craft kits.

Whether it's the joy of making slime 'ice cream', the creativity unleashed in hand plaster art, or the family bonding over rock painting and glow-in-the-dark projects, these kits are designed for everyone. They're a testament to our belief in the power of creativity to bring people together.

Our Vice President of Operations, Nathan Bailey, recognizing the potential of this partnership, remarks, "Emson is proud to collaborate with The Soul Publishing to bring the creativity and simplicity of 5-Minute Crafts into living rooms across North America. This is where innovation meets fun, empowering families and individuals to explore their creative boundaries."

This venture is more than a business partnership; it's a shared vision to inspire, engage, and make a difference in the lives of our customers with high-quality, inventive products that spark creativity.