Oooey-Gooey Fun!

Packed with Everything Needed!

Ice Cream Slimy Kit comes with everything you need to start creating fun ice cream projects!

Fun for Groups

Share in the CREATIVITY!

There's plenty to go around with Ice Cream Slimy Kit. Bring a friend or two! Share and compare in all your silly creations!


Learning about science is FUN!

Discover the fascinating science behind "Ice Cream Slimy Kit" where one can delve into the wonders of chemistry while crafting their own non-edible ice cream-themed slime. This kit not only sparks creativity but also introduces young minds to basic scientific concepts, making learning both fun and interactive.

Art and Creativity

Express yourself as an ARTIST

Ignite your child's imagination! This kit is designed to enhance creativity and sharpen problem-solving skills. As they mix and match to create their own slime ice cream masterpieces, children will improve their motor and sensory abilities, all while focusing their concentration. This playful kit not only offers hours of entertainment but also fosters a deep appreciation for the science and chemistry behind the magic of slime.

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